Outdoor Exercise



How are you different from other personal trainers?

I have years of practical experience that a lot of other trainers don't have!

I started running at school when I was 14 and became involved with circuit training from the age of 18. I have been an active member of a gym since this time and have taken part in many competitions, including at GB Age Group level. To get to this level, I have worked with several personal trainers and a Triathlon Coach who have each shared their expertise with me.

I am now 46, and combined with the internationally recognised qualifications I have gained since leaving the insurance industry, this all adds up to a lot of experience which I am excited to share.

Can you provide me with a diet plan to help me lose weight?

I have a level 3 qualification in Nutrition which allows me to look at your current eating & lifestyle habits and help you identify areas for improvement and suggest changes to your diet which will assist in achieving your health related goals. I can also ensure that you are getting the right level of nutrition to support your exercise programme.

I am not a qualified dietician so I cannot write up meal plans or suggest a bespoke diet. 

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

Space is the main issue for most people, so I would recommend a good set of resistance bands which will allow you to do lots of strength training without taking up any space. A good gym mat is essential to ensure that you don't slip and helps to make outdoor training more comfortable.

I would also recommend a Kettle Bell, or two. Not only are these great fun to work with, they are compact and easy to use at home.